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Evonik Launches Rheology Modifier


Learn more about Antil 500 pellets at stand NN30.

Evonik introduces Antil 500 Pellets, a novel and versatile rheology modifier for various cleansing formulations. As an innovative hydrophilic polymer, Antil 500 Pellets enables a significant reduction of the active surfactant level in standard cleansing formulations. In addition, the extraordinary efficiency and high flexibility of Antil 500 Pellets facilitate the thickening of challenging surfactant systems, such as sulfate-free formulas, effectively supporting the trend for milder cleansing in personal care.

The 100% active, preservative-free solid is clearly soluble in water and processable at room temperature. Furthermore, Antil 500 Pellets is stable against hydrolysis and effective over a wide pH range, according to Evonik. The thickening agent provides a rich formulation texture with Newtonian flow behavior but without changing the foaming characteristics, which is essential for fulfilling the consumers’ sensorial expectations of personal cleansing products. Evonik insists that Antil 500 Pellets are your innovative choice for the development of mild and cost-effective surfactant-based skin and hair care formulations.

More info: Evonik Personal Care.