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Indoor Pollution Controller & New Beauty Trends from Clariant


Find out more about Eosidin and BeautyForward at stand JJ10.

Eosidin, from Clariant (stand JJ10) is billed as the first ingredient capable of controlling atopic-prone skin and hypersensitivity caused by indoor air pollution. Eosidin is an extract of green citrus unshiu, which is said to tackle immuno-modulation and shows outstanding results in clinical studies on atopic-prone skin.

Eosidin originates from Jeju Island, South Korea. The extract is said to be enriched with highly-potent molecules such as Synephrine, Hesperidin and Naringin, all of which help regulate immuno-modulation and decrease hypersensitivity. A dermatologist evaluated the decrease in atopic-prone skin and confirmed a 44% reduction after eight weeks. Volunteers evaluated their itching index and it was reduced by 65% after eight weeks. Furthermore, hydration increased 54% and transepidermal water loss declined by 30%. In fact, 95% of clinical volunteers reported a decrease in skin itchiness and 86% reported a decrease in skin dryness.

In other news, Clariant unveiled four new consumer trends that are built on its BeautyForward platform, which offers marketing insights to stimulate new ideas for formulations, creative applications, product design and branding. Clariant formulated 16 new formulations inspired by these trends:

Custom: For those looking for individuality and self-expression. Beauty is about making a bold personal statement with an individual sense of style.

Origin: This group wants to stay connected to trusted traditions and ingredients. For them, beauty is about feeling good in one's own skin.

Revive: For consumers ready to explore a new beauty routine, the Revive trend is about progressive thinking, changing styles and playing with different looks.

Balance: Sometimes consumers want to turn-off the "always on" culture. Through the Balance concept, beauty relies on products that create an escape through transformative and indulgent experiences.

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