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Visit stand FF30 to learn about FiberHance, Antaron and Harmoniance.

Ashland (stand FF30) launched three innovative offerings for the personal care industry that are designed to add significant value to industry leading hair, face and body products. FiberHance bm builds core hair strength without compromising color; Antaron helps sunscreen formulations deliver SPF 50+ UV (ultraviolet) protection without greasiness; and Harmoniance, one of Ashland’s biofunctional products, helps users care for aging skin in multiple ways, according to the company.  
“The drive to find ingenious solutions in applied chemistry is in Ashland’s DNA. We are committed to fostering new energy in the personal care ingredient space and challenging assumptions,” said Vito Consiglio, VP-personal and home care, Ashland. “Our innovations presented this year at In-Cosmetics support consumer market trends. No one knows more or cares more about how chemistry can transform the efficacy, usability, allure, integrity and profitability of our customers’ products and applications. To that end, our innovations were designed to meet customer needs with sustainable pathways, substantiated efficacy and consumer perceivable performance."

FiberHance bm solution is a molecule designed to penetrate the hair fiber and provide superior strengthening in shampoos and other hair care products by using cost-effective technology. This molecule, developed by Ashland, is based on glucoside chemistry to make hair appear more alluring. FiberHance creates new ionic and hydrogen bonds inside hair fibers, to strengthen with each wash and give back natural manageability. It is compatible with color treatment systems to strengthen hair during and after coloring, and to repair hair fibers that have been damaged by chemical treatments. It helps to strengthen all hair types, including Caucasian, Asian and African American.

Antaron (Ganex) Sensory is a polymer technology that forms a matrix with UV filters to amplify the efficacy of water-resistant SPF 50+. It also reduces the greasy feeling on application and enables the sunscreen to dry quickly and prevent sand from sticking to the skin. Ashland’s unique polymer can also be used in body and facial care products, including foundations, with pigment compatibility and transfer resistance.

Harmoniance biofunctional is an all-natural, multifunctional product for face and body applications that delivers key age-defying benefits. Ashland’s Zeta Fraction technology captures the benefits of whole living plants. The process is solvent-free, consumes minimal energy and creates no waste. Using this proprietary technology, Ashland captures and refines the usability of the Sacred Lotus plant, which has been cultivated in Asia for over 4,000 years, in a serum fraction. Scientific evaluations of Harmoniance indicate its applicability for total age-defying facial care creams. It can also be used in formulations to brighten skin tone, enhance skin texture, improve skin contouring, address the appearance of sensitive skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

During the show, Ashland will also lead a Formulation Lab Session on using Lubrajel Marine hydrogel, a sensory enhancer and clinically proven moisturizer with a unique Cosmos-validated ingredient, in a cold processable skin care formulation. Karine Deruddre, laboratory manager of Ashland’s global skin care applications team, will demonstrate how to combine Lubrajel Marine with Captivates encapsulate technology, utilizing its suspension capability, to create a stunning appearance in the Hydrapearl Jelly formulation. The session takes place April 5 from 1-2pm.

Ashland is again sponsoring the Innovation Zone, and will be showcasing its newest offerings at booth FF30.