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Symrise Highlights Skin Brightener & Warming Ingredients


See it all at stand KK20.

Symrise (stand KK20) is focused on solutions that offer the skin effective protection from environmental pollutants and also skin brightening properties.

SymBright is a natural molecule, that protects skin luminosity against the exposome. Clinical tests prove significant skin brightening effects after stimulation of pigmentation with UV. In addition, the new UV filter Neo Heliopan BMT offers protection against intense UV radiation. This is achieved via broadband protection and improved UVA protection especially in sun care products with a high SPF.

Another key focus is KeraSym, the first product from Symrise’s new Hair Care Center in Brazil. KeraSym Restore is a unique non-hydrolyzed wheat protein that was created via special gliadin extraction. This natural smart protein repairs the damaged hair where it is most needed, thus reducing hair breakage and split ends while improving hair gloss, force and elasticity.

Symrise strengthens its competence in sensory ingredients with Thermolat, a warming substance that generates a pleasant warm feeling in skin care applications like creams, gels and masks. Thermolat starts providing its effects within the first five minutes after application and continues performing for up to two hours.

Symrise's Arctic Range contains water-soluble Actipone products, which have proven antioxidant and skin-soothing properties and are suitable for use in a broad spectrum of cosmetic applications.

Finally, attendees can experience Symrise innovations at SensoryLab & Formulation Lab. Guests can try out products of three mini collections: Warming and Cooling – “Playing with Senses”, Hair Care – “New Urban Concepts” and Sun Care – “Ultimate Defense” as well as Beauty+ “Ethnic Hair Care” and Beauty+ “Deo”.