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Innospec on Inner Beauty


Sulfate-free, of course, but much more, too, on stand F20.

Innospec (stand F20) has been promoting the benefits of sulfate-free shampoos, shower gels and liquid soaps for years—with good reason. During the past seven years, demand has doubled, due, in large part, to Innospec's deep lineup of sulfate-free technology which includes Iselux isethionates; Pureact sarcosinates, sulfosuccinates, glucosides and glycinates; Empigen betaines and amphoacetates; and Nansa olefin sulfonates. 

But Innospec is more than sulfate-free. The company's Activemol GC is an odorless solvent with moisturizing properties and Empigen S18 is a silicone-free hair conditioner. For a photo-ready look that's a necessity in today's selfie culture, Innospec offers Empilan DPHS, W/O without emulsifiers for a soft, light touch and Gelaid CPE refractive index matching for clear systems.

For damaged hair and sensitive skin, Innospec offers low pH ingredients such as Pureact WS Conc, which provides gentle cleansing and excellent flash foam; as well as Nansa LSS 38/AS, a mild cleanser with a skin-friendly pH.

Need a multifunctional ingredient? Innospec's Finsolv TN provides gentle solubilization and emolliency, while Emulsil DME-504 is said to be ideal for 2-in-1 hair care systems.

Finally, if texture is a must, Innospec's Empilan DPHS provides a light, pleasing skin feel; while Gelaid CPE-CF is the choice for cyclic-free, process gel systems, according to Innospec.

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