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Solabia Launches Detoxi-Look


Find out how to get happy skin at stand L48.

Solabia (stand L48) is launching Detoxi-Look, a plant complex that detoxifies, brightens and moisturizes skin. Derived from Everlasting (Helichrysum italicum) and Daisy (Bellis perennis), Detoxi-Look is stabilized with vegetable glycerin. According to Solabia, Detoxi-Look enhances the radiance of all skin types, even the dullest skin.

The material detoxifies by stimulating the key enzymes of the skin's cell detoxification system. Specifically, the Phase I enzymes, the most common of which is Cytochrome P450, make the pollutants functional by binding one or more polar groups, getting them more hydrophilic and accessible to Phase II enzymes. Phase II enzymes, especially UDP-GlucuronylTransferases, combine the polar group of the pollutant with a polar co-factor such as glucuronic acid, which modifies the chemical structure of the pollutants and transforms them into non-toxic substances, according to Solabia. Phase III enzymes, such as P-Glycoproteins, excrete non-toxic molecules out of the cells.

Furthermore, Detoxi-Look brightens skin by correcting hyperpigmentation and lightening skin tone by inhibiting the synthesis of melanin and reduces redness by stimulating endothelin-1. In addition, Detoxi-Look moisturizes skin to instantly refreshen the complexion, according to Solabia.

More info: Michael Conti, Solabia USA, Tel: +1 212-847-2386; Email:; Website: