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Advanced Antimicrobials from Troy


Learn more about the TroyCare line at stand T50.

Troy Corporation's TroyCare line of advanced antimicrobials for cosmetics and personal care products are on display at stand T50. According to the company, TroyCare Customized Preservative Solutions offers formulators the opportunity to choose the ratio of antibacterial and antifungal protection optimized for their specific systems.

"Every formulation is unique," noted David Koehl, Troy's global head home & personal care. "Use the preservative that is optimized for your formulation. TroyCare Customized Preservative Solutions enable custom-tailored protection of personal care products, resulting in optimal protection and minimized preservation cost."

TroyCare advanced antimicrobials for personal care applications offer optimum performance at low use levels, cost-efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Incorporating the leading antifungal and antibacterial technologies available, TroyCare antimicrobials enhance the value of a wide scope of personal care and cosmetics products, including creams and lotions, body washes, gels, shampoo, mascara, eyeliner, personal care wipes and more, according to the company.

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