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Givaudan Active Beauty Launches Sensityl


A sustainable concentrate of marine biotechnology at stand E50.

Givaudan Active Beauty's Sensityl, is a new active cosmetic ingredient that fuses nature and scientific expertise to offer consumers dual benefits on beauty and well-being.

The patent-pending, sustainably sourced ingredient was developed in Givaudan's Marine Biotechnology Centre of Excellence based in Brittany, France, where the company leverages its leading exploration on microalgae to create innovative natural cosmetic ingredients. Sensityl is the first of its kind ingredient to positively influence consumers’ mood after just one month of use, owing to its powerful soothing benefits.

“We are very proud of this unique cosmetic breakthrough originating from our research on marine biotechnology, one of the most innovative sustainability pillars of Active Beauty," said Maurizio Volpi, president, Givaudan’s Fragrance Division. "It reflects our deep willingness to offer our customers not only new, but also natural and sustainable products that meet consumers’ needs.”

Exploiting new scientifically proven neuroscience protocols, researchers have revealed that volunteers using Sensityl expressed a real positive change in how they felt about their facial skin moving from negative feelings to positive ones, due to the exceptional soothing benefits versus placebo.

“Capitalizing on our leading understanding of the effect of fragrances on the brain in our state-of-the-art Sensory Centre of Excellence in Ashford, Givaudan (stand E50) expands its research in cosmetics and well-being with the launch of Sensityl," explained Laurent Bourdeau, head of active beauty. "It will revolutionize the beauty market by developing products acting on people’s mood thanks to its exceptional soothing benefits.”