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Indena Launches Active for Stretch Marks


Find out the benefits of Centella asiatica at stand C28.

Well known as an important medicinal plant, Centella asiatica has been used for centuries in traditional medicine because of its many beneficial properties. Thanks to a recent new monograph realized by Indena (stand C28), new research scenarios and broader applications of Centella asiatica have been highlighted and more can be envisaged.

One of the new applications is the positive effect of Centella asiatica on stretch marks, visible linear depressions of the skin secondary to fibroblast dysfunction, very frequently appearing during or after pregnancy. They may derive from alterations in the connective tissue secondary to weight gain and hormonal imbalances due to the fact that elastin, collagen and all their components from the mother’s skin and veins are conveyed to the developing fetal structures. A pilot study, aiming to assess the efficacy, safety and tolerability of a Centella asiatica containing cream applied in the postpartum period, shows that topical treatment with the cream may offer greater benefit in terms of improvement of the stretch marks.

The Centella asiatica supply chain demonstrates Indena's commitment to sustainability. Environmental awareness, sustainability and biodiversity are complex issues that encompass many disciplines and Indena has addressed these with traditional dynamics in its everyday business. Indena works alongside its suppliers to be able to properly and sustainably manage the thousands of tons of vegetal raw materials from 57 different countries around the world that are processed each year. To deal with such complex issues, in 2013 Indena has created a multidisciplinary team consisting of botanists, communication professionals, managers of quality systems and regulatory experts, alongside cultural and linguistic operators, capable to develop complex projects and create networks with local partners and NGO’s. And Indena’s journey through sustainability continues.

In particular, for Centella asiatica Indena is promoting social projects in one of the main harvesting area of the plant, the Alaotra Mangoro region in Madagascar. The project “École pour tous” has the objective to improve living conditions and decrease poverty in local communities involved in Centella collection, by increasing the quality of education and the school attendance of the children in the Region.