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Novel Preservative from Symrise


Learn more about SymOcide BHO at stand E110.

SymOcide BHO preservative from Symrise (stand E110) is a benzyl alcohol-based preservative blend with the added power of SymSave H. The product effectively protects cosmetics from undesired microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria while being safe for consumers. In addition to the preservative benzyl alcohol, SymOcide BHO (which is patent pending) also contains the multifunctional ingredients SymSave H, an antioxidant, and the Hydrolite CG, an emollient.

With SymOcide BHO, Symrise now offers an alternative to its other SymOcide preservatives, which are based on o-cymen-5-ol and phenoxyethanol. The new development offers an extensive spectrum of potential applications, ranging from soaps, shower gels and shampoos to creams, wet wipes and face masks. The product also works well and effectively with conventional surfactants as well as sulfate-free systems.

“SymOcide BHO is extremely effective and safe,” said Dr. Sabrina Behnke, global product manager for preservatives in the cosmetic ingredients division at Symrise. “The product is a true multitasker, easy to process and offers broad spectrum protection against bacteria and other microorganisms.”

SymOcide BHO is an option for customers who are looking for an alternative to phenoxyethanol, but are not willing to compromise on efficacy against microorganisms. The clear, colorless liquid can be cold-processed and has a composition similar to that of SymOcide PH. The difference is that SymOcide PH is based on phenoxyethanol and SymOcide BHO is based on benzyl alcohol. “Both substances fulfill the requirements of the EU cosmetics regulation and offer protection for a diverse range of products,” said Behnke. “SymOcide BHO is ideal for cosmetics manufacturers who prefer a one-step solution that can be cold-processed.”