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Easy Way Skin Care Powder from Lessonia


Stop by stand E119 to find out how it stimulates renewal.

Easy Way is a new, well-calibrated fine powder for skin cream and serums that is said to stimulate the skin renewal process with an easy mechanobiology gesture, according to Lessonia (stand E119). After several years of research with an academic French R&D center, scientists demonstrated that after mechanical stimulation by small and well calibrated particles on the HIPPO signaling pathway, the transcriptional coactivators YAP and TAZ migrate from the cytoplasm to the nucleus. In the nucleus they are able to play a key role in controlling the stem cells proliferation. The end-result is a 37% increase in real human keratinocyte proliferation.

More info: Lessonia, Tel: 33 (0)2 98 07 23 65; Website: