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Innovative Ingredients from Chemyunion


Visit stand L80 to learn about Agen, Physavie and more.

Chemyunion (stand L80) is highlighing several ingredients this week during In-Cosmetics Global.

Agen follows new therapeutic approaches for a healthy aging of the skin by epigenetics. Through the regulation of miRNA (micro-RNAs), a mechanism that has been gaining relevance in epigenetics, this ingredient acts in an effective way in reducing and decelerating the appearance of the signs of aging.

HebeatolPlus Deo is a new green and safe substitute for triclosan. It is a functional xylitol ester with potent antimicrobial activity and deodorant function that eliminates 99.9% of odor causing microorganisms, according to Chemyunion.

Physavie is a vegetal extract obtained by supercritical CO2. New tests corroborate its soothing properties are equivalent to hydrocortisone without its adverse effects. A 100% biodegradable ingredient.

Finally, ThermoShield N is a mechanism that uses the hair insulating properties as substrate to retain water during the styling process with proven efficacy in protecting hair against heat damages while styling it. 

More info: Sérgio Gonçalves, Chemyunion; Tel: +55 15 2102 2000; Email:; Website: