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OleoSil Gels from Jeen International


Visit stand D34 and learn how they benefit your hair, skin and color formulas.

OleoSil gels from Jeen International (stand D34) are a revolution in silicone elastomer gel technology, brought on by consumer demand for an evolution of greener, safer, more biodegradable silicone and silicone elastomers, according to the company. The gels are unique elastomeric silicone polymers reacted with naturally-derived oleochemical alkanes to produce an array of functional end products differentiated by sensorial feel, chemical function, and versatile end use. The integration of naturally-derived alkanes gives these gels a range of 50% to 90% naturally-derived content vastly impacting their performance, solubilization profile and use. 

Choice and type of elastomeric polymer and its concentration reacted with the type and volume of naturally-derived alkane yields differentiated multifunctional benefits in skin care, color cosmetics and hair care. These hybridized gels deliver choice consumer desired benefits without compromising performance.

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