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Ashland Launches Rosaliss Biofunctional and CB2-Biofunctional


Learn more about these novel skin care ingredients at stand J80.

Ashland’s new Rosaliss is a 100% nature-derived extract from the Rosa Centifolia flower grown in the Provence region of France. It offers outstanding efficacy to help skin achieve a flawless repair and brings a new dimension to manufacturers with a novel type of natural and environmentally conscious extract. Rosaliss uses Ashland’s proprietary and patented Plant Small RNA technology for extractions from fresh petals. It is the only technology to capture the specific functionality of the rose’s metabolism to resist environmental changes.

“I am so excited about this product,” said Justine Cotton, global marketing manager and new business development, Ashland (stand J80). “It was originally inspired by scientific research in regenerative medicine and displays outstanding efficacy and unique properties to help skin achieve an alluring perfection. The Rosa Centifolia, or May rose, is grown without pesticides. It is harvested less than 100 km from our offices and it is known for its eternal beauty. This legendary flower fits so well for our customer’s needs.

CB2-skin biofunctional made from patchouli is a patented alternative to Cannabidiol (CBD) oil for skin calming, soothing and graceful aging. Ashland’s CB2-skin   is an alternative to controversial cannabis derivatives, with superior benefits in modulating the skin’s CB2 cannabinoid receptor compared to hemp oil.

“Today, the ’hippie chic‘ or ‘boho’ trend is gaining momentum in the luxury segment and CB2-skin is a privileged ingredient to capture this trend in cosmetics,” said Anne Clay, global marketing manager and new business development, vincience biofunctionals, Ashland. “Our premium patchouli is sourced from fully integrated and sustainable farms in Colombia. It offers consumers skin calming, skin relaxing, increased skin comfort and reduced irritation and itchiness. It is perfect for sensitive skin applications and for use in ’better for me‘ beauty products that feature beauty rituals to help disconnect from daily life stress.”