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A Beautiful Microbiome, Courtesy of DSM


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DSM's Epibiome for Beauty project seeks to disseminate the company's deep understanding of the epibiome and its link with skin health. After all, through its nutrition business, DSM has decades of learning about the gut microbiome.

The company notes that there is complex relationship between the microbiome and dry, normal and oily skin. For oily skin, the company offers Alpaflor Alp Serum. For dry and red skin, DSM offers Syn-Up, a patented, synthetic peptide derivative that improves the skin barrier on the cheek by up to 16% after one week. Syn-Up also boosts S. epidermidis levels 100% after one week and reduces corneobacterium kroppenstedtii levels to 11% after one week and 72% after 28 days.

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