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Chione Electric Fuchsia SF90D from BASF Colors & Effects


Visit stand B10 to learn more about these metallic-like effect pigments.

BASF Colors & Effects is introducing Chion Electric Fuchsia SF90D, an intense metallic-like effect pigment in the red-blue color space that revives the spirit of the color pink, according to the company. As a bright, bold pigment that is free from organic colorants, Chione Electric Fuchsia represents a disruptive innovation advance in effect pigment technology.

This product has no application limitations and can be combined with traditional cosmetic-approved colorants and effect pigments to develop unique spectrum of colors for various formats and systems. The supporting campaign—"Pink’s Not Dead!"—unites edgy make-up statements with strong personalities, all inspired by Chione Electric Fuchsia’s bold and brilliant properties. You can learn more about this pigment at the In-Cos Make-Up Bar and by visiting Colors & Effects at stand B10.

More info: BASF Colors & Effects, Tel: +1 248 403 4959; Email:; Website: