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Natural Sourcing Launches Praan


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Natural Sourcing, LLC (stand N19) has launched a large volume wholesale brand, Praan Naturals. Praan (or prana) is a Sanskrit word meaning vital life force and was chosen to celebrate the company’s recognition of the interconnectedness of all within every element of our lives.
“Praan begins with our breath and becomes evident everywhere, as our life force is what connects us to everything and everyone in our reality, and through our breath, we create our reality,” said Anáil Mitra, chief executive officer of Natural Sourcing. “We've been increasing our focus on upstream sustainability and ethical business practices. I strongly believe that it's not enough to be ethical ourselves, but that we are responsible for creating integrity throughout the life cycle of our ingredients. We chose the name Praan Naturals to honor our commitment to eco-ethical sourcing practices—because how you do one thing is how you do everything.”
As Praan Naturals, the company will continue to offer premium quality ingredients from responsible growers, distillers and manufacturers across the globe, share the nourishing ingredients nature has given and make conscious choices that improve the wellbeing of the planet and people, according to the company.

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