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Green Solvent Solutions from InKemia Green Chemicals


Learn more about its benign solvent library at stand 1778.

InKemia Green Chemicals (stand 1778) offers green solvent solutions. The company maintains that its solvents library contains hundreds of benign solvents that can add value to your formulations. InKemia offers its rich chemical diversity and its unique discovery and search platform to tackle the most complex and challenging formulation problems. One example challenge would be to identify an alternative green solvent that allows for enhanced performance.

The green solvents library and the InKemia Green Chemicals methodology, developed over 20 years of research and development, leads to unique solvent solutions that differentiate the products of its clients. For 20 years InKemia has been designing, developing, and commercializing new green chemistry products and processes. The company's insight and expertise in green chemistry has resulted in innovations benefiting companies in over 50 countries and in diverse sectors. InKemia knows green chemistry, and will partner with you to generate a portfolio of solutions to your specific challenge.

More info: Lauren Zarama, InKemia Green Chemicals, Tel: 713-909-7717; Email:; Website: