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Safe, Mild Natural Ingredients from Jarchem


Visit stand 1119 to view shea derivatives, mild surfactants, actives and more.

Jarchem (stand 1119) is a certified ISO 9001:2008 global manufacturer and supplier of emerging and unique specialty chemicals and natural materials. The company has created a worldwide reputation for high quality, and consistently develops innovative ingredients for the cosmetic ingredient marketplace, according to Jarchem. As a leader in the trend towards natural ingredients, Jarchem formulates a variety of products with safer and milder natural ingredients. Jarchem stays ahead of the curve by offering natural and functional ingredients with its shea derivatives, mild surfactants, actives, natural clays, renewably-sourced paraffins and more.

More info: Stephen Carter, Jarchem Industries Inc, Tel: 973-344-0600; Email:; Website: