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KoboBlur 100 Natural Is a Soft Focus Solution


A natural, micron-sized powders on display at stand 819.

Kobo Products (stand 819) is promoting KoboBlur 100 Natural, micron-sized powders that are very popular today for their soft focus effect. Studies have shown that the refractive index of the particles is an important characteristic that affects their efficacy. However, it can be challenging to find a particle that is efficient in multiple formulas because refractive index of the formula varies with its composition and after application on the skin, according to the company.

Kobo Products has developed the Soft Focus Complex, KoboBlur 100 Natural, made only of minerals and natural ingredients, using no plastic particles, with complimentary refractive indexes to scatter light in a wide range of formulas. In vitro tests show it exhibited the same effect regardless of the media into which it was dispersed. Panel testing scored high for its capacity to hide skin imperfections and for its nice skin feel.

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