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Ajinomoto Expands Aminobeauty Line


Find out more about Ajidew N, Amihope OL and Amisoft ECS-22W at stand 1073.

Ajinomoto’s aminobeauty celebrates the joy of life, at every stage and in all its diversity. The aminobeauty approach is preventative— keep skin and hair beautiful and healthy from the start and maintain that state—a key function of amino acid-based products inspired by nature.

Now, Ajinomoto (stand 1073) is unveiling four new additions to the aminobeauty family of products:
• Ajidew N series are amino acid derived humectants and are Cosmos-certified natural products;
• Amihope OL is amino acids-derived texture modifier and functional ingredient; and
• Amisoft ECS-22W (glutamic acid derived) and Amilite GCK-12H (glycine derived) are aniconic surfactants with excellent foaming and moisturizing properties. These surfactants form excellent sulfate free cleansing systems.

With its amino acid derived humectants, emollients, surfactants, oil gelling agents, texture modifiers and functional ingredients, Ajinomoto promises to satisfy the consumers globally!

More info: Ajinomoto North America Inc., 4105 Poole Road, Raleigh, NC 27610; Tel: 877-507-9303; Website: