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All-Natural Antimicrobial Systems from Lincoln Manufacturing


Learn more about Linatural Ultra at stand 1155.

Lincoln Manufacturing (stand 1155) has developed Linatural Ultra Systems, a new line of patent pending, all natural multifunctional antimicrobial systems with value added ingredients to replace conventional, alternative and natural oil preservatives. Linatural Ultra is manufactured in Lincoln’s state-of-the-art facility by a 25 year master batch maker. Linatural Ultra are all natural, broad spectrum multifunctional antimicrobial with clear color, lower odor and wide pH range.

The benefits of Linatural Ultra-3 include:  All natural, low odor, wide pH range (3-10), multifunctional antimicrobial, environmental Working Group (EWG) Score: <1, skin conditioning, preservative free, broad-spectrum efficacy, non-skin irritating, easy-to-use liquid (no oils), cost effective, manufactured in the US, globally approved, patent pending.

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