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Lipotec Launches Actifcol Advanced Botanical Ingredient


Visit stand 710 to see the elixir of life mushroom for a glamorous décolleté.

Making the most of traditional ingredients, Lipotec (stand 710) has developed Actifcol advanced botanical ingredient, a shiitake mushroom-based extract selected to assist collagen type I synthesis and PLOD1 levels, which contributes to improving protein quality, and to help prevent carbamylation process, responsible for the degradation of collagen, according to the company.

Volunteers with skin flaccidity applied a cream with 2% ingredient on the neck, décolleté and half face and a placebo cream on the other, twice a day for 56 days. A statistically significant improvement in face, neck and décolleté firmness as well as a smoother complexion were observed at the end of the treatment, according to Lipotec.
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