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Silica Microspheres from Materium


Find out about the benefits of Matspheres at stand 1360.

Materium (stand 1360) has developed Matspheres silica microspheres for the cosmetics industry. Matspheres can encapsulate ingredients such as oil and pigment and are a good replacement for plastic beads. Adapted sizes (200 nm to 500 um) of the capsule offer a blurring and mattifying effect for skin product and makeup. Matspheres work with highly sensitive molecules that may be affected by temperature, light and pH. Delivery can be on demand or by slow release.

The particles could have a tunable porosity, volume density and a specific surface as polymer capsules but are more sustainable without any toxic component. Amorphous silica offers a greener encapsulation technology. Moreover, the functions may help to increase the colloidal stability. Matspheres improve fermentation and enzyme productivity up to 300%. They also increase enzyme stability and process efficiency. Dare the double effect. Releasing, Efficiency and Opportunity.

More info: Mathilde Gosselin, Materium; Tel: 450-361-2357; Email:; Website: