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Spirulina from Alban Muller


A blue-green micro-algae with skin and hair care applications at stand 429.

Alban Muller (stand 429) has added a new plant extract, Spirulina, to its 100% natural Cosme-Phytamis range. Spirulina is a primitive blue-green micro-algae and a powerful nutritive ingredient composed of a high amount of Omega 6 fatty acid, minerals, carotenoids especially beta carotene, and vitamin E. Generally used as a food supplement to counter dietary deficiencies and classified as a superfood, spirulina is now highly recommended for its benefits in hair care and skin care, according to the company.

In skin care formulations, thanks to its unique composition in active molecules, spirulina is a multifunctional active which provides a global anti-aging action, restructuring and tensor effects. Alban Muller maintains that it increases collagen and reinforces skin elasticity. Thus, it reduces wrinkles in mature skin. Moreover, its powerful antioxidant properties protect the skin from external aggressions.

Spirulina is rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins which activates keratin synthesis. This nourishing cocktail improves hair condition. According to Alban Muller, it stimulates hair growth and provides a fortifying and brightening effect.

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