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Jeen Launches Jeesperse OptiDerm NCS


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Jeen's new Jeesperse OptiDerm NCS, is an all natural skin barrier maintenance and repair solution in a convenient and easy-to-use emulsifying base with added sensorial benefits. Jeesilc 110 is a dimethicone balanced to produce a soft, cascading feel and prolonged playtime in any formulation. The end result is a lovely, elegant slip with enhanced gloss and satiny finish. It is equally beneficial to hair care formulations imparting silkiness and conditioning properties to the hair. 

Jeesilc CQ is a cationic conditioning agent, provides conditioning to the hair as well as the skin and also acts as an exceptional emulsifier.  Jeechem NDA is a new emollient that acts as a functional replacement to all synthetic/petrochemical derived alkanes. It is a high purity tetradecane hydrocarbon derived from all-natural raw materials that are renewable, sustainable, and completely biodegradable. Jeen (booth 501) also debuts BP-ExfoliCare, a system for exfoliating and caring for your skin. It consists of three different chemical exfoliants (AHAs and BHAs) and 3 different post-exfoliation care products. They can be used together or separately. 

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