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LipoTrue Launches Årctalis and Versillin


Learn more at booth 110.

LipoTrue will launch at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, booth 110, Årctalis and Versillin from its 2018 Innovation Expedition. Under the Northern Lights’ skies, Årctalis has surfaced from 2,700m depth from an Arctic expedition near Greenland. Årctalis is a marine active ingredient offering an excellent smoothing and firming effect. Årctalis enhances your natural glow and boosts skin hydration. 

Versillin is a biomimetic peptide of versican, aimed at anchoring and repositioning your skin for a more firm and elastic skin like a secret scalpel-free retouch. Gear up because we are set for an amazing journey this NYSCC Suppliers’ Day!

More info: LipoTrue Inc., Tel:  +1 (732) 890-9531; Email:; Website: