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New Waxes from Koster Keunen


Kester Wax K-385 and SynKos Wax on display at booth 945.

Koster Keunen’s newest natural ester Kester Wax K-385, is an emollient ester which imparts creaminess, texture and slip to formulations. It will also add stability to formulas due to its higher melt point of 44°C. It has excellent synergy with countless cosmetic ingredients. Stop by booth 945 to see Koster Keunen's innovative texture prototypes featuring Kester Wax K-385.

New SynKos Waxes are used as gelling agents, thickeners, viscosity modifiers, and barriers. They are also used to modify hardness, slip and melting point. They are compatible with all cosmetic systems and can replace polyethylene and petrochemical waxes in formulation. The series includes five products, SynKos 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060 & 2065.

More info: Koster Keunen, Watertown, CT; Tel: 860-945-3333; Email:; Website: