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Novel Chemistry from Kobo


Learn more about microspheres and exfoliants at stand 919.

Kobo Products (stand 919) is promoting two ingredients during NYSCC Suppliers' Day. Rubcouleur Acrylate-Silicone Resin Microspheres present a lotus effect in personal care formulas.  Kobo Products offers these high refractive index (1.49) microspheres in two sizes, 8μm (Rubcouleur KL501-CL) for optimum soft focus and feel, and 2μm (Rubcouleur KL501(2M)-CL) as a texturizing agent. 

Kobo notes that exfoliation is a great way to keep the skin healthy by removing dead cells from its surface, improving softness, elasticity and glow. Small beads are used as exfoliating agents in rinse off products but the recent ban of microplastics in several countries has left formulators with the difficult task to find more environmentally friendly equivalents. Kobo now offers a new exfoliating agent, KoboScrub SD-200, composed only of silica, a natural mineral, completely plastic-free. These smooth and spherical beads have an average size of about 200 μm. They are easy to formulate and provide exfoliation in a wide range of skin care and rinse-off formulations. 

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