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Specialized Lipids from Botanic Innovations


A range of effective plant oils at stand 656.

Did you know it takes 16 pounds of raspberries to have enough seeds to produce one teaspoon of oil?

Botanic Innovations (stand 656) is a US-based producer of highly specialized lipids from some of the most nutritious plants in the world. Superfoods are known for their nutrition, but seeds harness the real power! From single oil benefits to custom blends, Botanic Innovations supports beauty and wellness formulas. The company produces a portfolio of more than 20 highly functional specialty fruit, vegetable and herb seed oils, including black cumin, blackberry, broccoli, carrot, cranberry, cucumber, pomegranate, pumpkin, red raspberry and tomato seed oils.

These nutrient dense, all-natural ingredients are produced in the US in an allergen-free plant. Botanic Innovations also specializes in custom oil blending for skin and hair care formulations. For Suppliers’ Day 2019, BI will be featuring samples of Broccoli Seed Oil, a go-to ingredient to enhance moisture and shine in hair care formulations! 

More info: Botanic Innovation, Tel: 715-635-7513; Email:; Website: