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Jeen Ramps Up Naturally-Derived Chemistries


Visit stand 803 to hear about Jeechem NDA alkanes, OleoSil gels, Jeesperse NDA Sun Dispersions and more.

Jeen International will be at stand 803 at the 2019 NYSCC Suppliers Day and will present these new and natural ingredients:
• Jeechem NDA alkanes - naturally-derived alkanes possessing unique sensory profiles which function as solvents, carriers, dispersants, de-tackifiers, setting modifiers, and solubilizers, and contribute functional solutions that also impact feel, playtime, and touch. 
• OleoSil gels - naturally-derived silicone elastomer gels utilizing alkanes to produce an array of functional end-products differentiated by sensorial feel, chemical function, and versatile end-use and are 65-90% naturally-derived. 
• Jeesperse NDA Sun Dispersions - high-volume stable dispersions of physical sunblocks in naturally-derived hydrocarbons yielding stable loads of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, respectively.
• Trap-Loc Matrix Series - a new hybrid delivery system based on a silicone/vegetable-derived elastomer gel where the overall content is approximately 90% naturally-derived. Trap-Loc Matrix allows for incorporation of difficult to handle active ingredients, shielding these ingredients from degradation, and preventing unintended interactions with other formulation ingredients.  

More info: Jeen International Corporation, Tel: 973-439-1401; Email:; Website: