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All-Natural Makeup Remover from Jarchem


Learn more about Jarchem MUR at stand 825.

For an ever developing market concerned about synthetic, irritating and silicone-loaded products, Jarchem Industries (stand 825) has developed an all-natural, powerful, patent-pending makeup remover: Jarplex MUR. This product is composed of isopropyl shea butterate and plant-derived paraffins, a unique combination of natural ingredients that outperform current makeup removers on the market typically containing silicones. The isopropyl shea butterate in Jarplex MUR is made up of stearic acid and oleic acid, which are proven to be significantly lower on the comedogenic scale and thus not as pore clogging when used daily. 

Jarplex MUR does not leave a greasy or tacky after-feel and instead makes skin feel velvety soft. This product is powerful in its cleansing abilities and has additional benefits that include shea unsaponifiable properties, anti-irritation, and leave on functions. This non-greasy and non-tacky product has been tested to remove all makeup products including lip stains, eyeliners, mascaras and more.

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