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Bio-Based Polymer from Dow


Learn more about MaizeCare Style at stand 1411.

Dow has a lot in store for attendees at stand 1411 with the launch of its first, bio-based hair care fixative. Derived from corn, MaizeCare Style acts as a film-former and styling aid that can range from superior stiffness to soft-touch styling. Learn more during the Toast to Innovation event on May 7 at 3pm.

Stop by Dow’s booth to experience the mixing flexibility with Aculyn Siltouch Rheology Modifier at a Mixology Bar. Attendees can also explore Dow’s recently launched TrendsLab 2019, a platform of concept collections that deliver on tomorrow's beauty trends.
Dow will showcase its patented AgeCap Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient which is a finalist for the CEW Supplier’s Award: Ingredients & Formulations category 2019. The winner will be announced at the annual NY SCC Suppliers’ Day Awards Night on May 7. Dow will be presenting this finalist innovation on May 8 from 11:50-12:10 in the Innovation Theater.

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