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A Range of Specialty Ingredients from Alzo


Visit stand 323 to learn about its lineup of esters, cationic conditioners, emollients, elastomers and more.

Alzo International (stand 323) is a global supplier of specialty ingredients for use in skin, beauty, hair and sun care formulations. Alzo’s products include the Dermol, Bernel, Elefac and Wickenol esters; Necon, Nequat and PolyNecon cationic conditioners; Polyderm polyurethane emollients and NuLastic silicone elastomers.

• NuLastic Slipelastomers entrap water-soluble actives that can be delivered in anhydrous formulations.

• Dermothixpolymeric rheology modifiers provide unique cushioning textures and stabilityfrompH 2-12. Dermothix 100 has been shown to help enhance UV absorption in sunscreen products.

• Dermol SLLC-L, Sodium Lauroyl Lactyalte,a natural surfactant in a liquid form provides long-lasting foam, antimicrobial activity and is readily biodegradable.

• Dermol MBDD, a polyester derived from mangoes and rapeseed oil, adds shine, tack and long-wear properties and is an excellent alternative to petroleum-based film formers such as polyisobutene.

Alzo’s Solutions for Color Treated Hair features vegetable-based ingredients in formulations that helpClarify, Condition and Protect treated and untreated hair.

More info: Michael Mosquera, Alzo International Inc., Tel: 732-995-0900; Email: