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Citrate and Adipate Esters from Mamta Polycoats


Visit stand no. 943 to view an array of ingredients.

Mamta Polycoats (stand 943) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of citrate and adipate esters for cosmetics, personal care and a host of other industries. Founded in 2007 by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs with over three decades' experience in developing speciality chemicals, Mamta calls itself one of the fastest-growing chemical companies in the world.

Triethyl citrate is a pure solvent, diluent, and fixative for long-lasting perfumes. It is an excellent active agent for deodorants (inhibits enzymatic decomposition of sweat components) and helps in the better dispersal of insoluble organic UV filters. It is also the preferred film-strengthening agent in high-grade hairsprays and nail polish, according to Mamta.

Tributyl citrate is described as an excellent replacement for phthalates and adipates, with a matching plasticizer performance.

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