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Easy Enterprise Formulations Platform from Smart Formulator


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Smart Formulator (stand 735) is an easy enterprise formulations platform for new product development with a stage-gate process with a repository of ingredients, suppliers, vendors, regulatory database with chemical use levels and restrictions; customer restrictions, complete audit tracking, all in one central repository for your formulation management.

Smart-ERP is the batch production & inventory software solution for personal care and cosmetic contract manufacturer organizations  - production department can scale up from the base formula; create a batch ticket with complete trace-ability; track inventory of ingredients and all components (bottles, caps, labels, cartons etc.); create automated assembly tickets & shipping & sales invoices with optional bar-coding for inventory and optional weighing scale integration for accurate batch manufacturing. 

Handles order management, purchasing supply chain, shortage, inventory, CRM, production, manufacturing scheduler, tank management, and shipping & distribution. QuickBooks or SAGE Accounting integration is also available. 

More info: Smart Formulator, LLC; Tel:  732-333-5877; Email:; Website: