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GlyAcid, a High-Purity Glycolic Acid from Coast Southwest


Visit stand 1355 to learn about this formaldehyde-free glycolic acid and more.

GlyAcid is the global benchmark for high-purity glycolic acid. GlyAcid is produced using a proprietary acid saponification and purification technology that does not use or generate formaldehyde, delivering a formaldehyde-free glycolic acid in 70% solution and 99% crystalline, according to Coast Southwest (stand 1355). Formulators can now replace the glycolic acid they are using with an ingredient that is Proposition 65-compliant. Glycolic acid, which continues to proliferate globally in skin care products, has also begun to attract attention for use in hair care products. Talk to us about how chemists in Coast Southwest’s Applications Laboratory collaborate with formulators to create new and exciting skin care and hair care products for our customers’ customers.
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