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New Actives from InKemia


All natural, non-GMO actives at stand 1636.

InKemia Green Chemicals (stand 1636) announces four new all natural, non-GMO active ingredients! IGC2: Hair Growth, Keratin Synthesis Increase, Antioxidant. IGC2 is unique because it increases endogenous keratin synthesis. Other products add external keratin while IGC2 stimulates the body’s own keratin. Hair growth stimulation demonstrated in vitro through Philpott Test. Hair appearance (health, nourishment and resistance) improved by inducing endogenous keratin synthesis.

IGC3: Skin Regenerating, Wide-Range Protection, Antioxidant. IGC3 is unique because it protects against all kinds of DNA lesions induced by many types of radiation (UVB, IR, HEV). Regenerating capacity demonstrated through wound-healing assay in human keratinocytes.

IGC36: Anti-Aging. Stimulates the endogenous synthesis of collagen. Increases papillary dermis density. Potent antioxidant activity.

IGC16: Skin Brightening. Shows significant decrease in melanin content. Clear brightening effect in three replicates.

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