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Bio-based Foam Enhancement

By Happi Staff | 10.01.20

The Endifoam FB Series from Coast Southwest.

The Endifoam FB Series from Coast Soutwest is a family of foaming agents and foam boostersbased on a patented mixture of vegetable carbohydrates. They are produced through the hydrolysis of corn starch and combined with high-performing mild surfactants in ratios optimized for peak performance.
These products are highly concentrated, aqueous multi-purpose additives for boosting foam volume and stability, adding lubricity, and improving mildness and cleansing, according to Coast Southwest. Endifoam foam boosters are easily incorporated into cleansing formulations at any mixing temperature.
Coast Southwest continues to invest significantly in its surfactants business—the cornerstone of its ingredient portfolio. The company is pleased to announce that Jarrod Kaltenbach has recently joined the company as vice president, surfactants. This quarter Coast Southwest breaks ground on a 105,000-square-foot facility in Irving, TX that advances its distribution, blending and manufacturing capability.
Coast Southwest: One source. Infinite possibilities. Serving manufacturers and formulators of personal care products throughout the US.

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