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Kobo Products Highlights Two


Visit booth 113 to view PT1 Dispersions and KoboGel D5.

Kobo Products (booth 113) is promoting PT1 Dispersions and KoboGel D5 during Teamworks. According to Kobo, recent development of a patent-pending, high refractive index, low centistoke phenyl trimethicone has opened the door to unexpected benefits. Kobo now offers a series of color dispersions in this new carrier that can contribute to transfer resistance, long wear, softness and gloss in various cosmetic and personal care applications. These phenyl silicone fluid dispersions offer a unique sensory profile in comparison to dispersions in cyclopentasiloxane, to achieve desirable and comparable formulation results. The opportunity to formulate using this optimized phenyl fluid allows chemists to further utilize optical reflective properties with higher volatility to reach new limits.
Foundation color simplified with pre-dispersed color composites in KoboGel D5, a unique elastomer gel. These composites are available in light, medium and dark combinations for easy color additions to formulations. Use of these materials aids in color matching and enriches formulas with a silky, spreadable feel.

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