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Rain Forest Pequi Oil from Beraca


The focus is on hair care at booth 206.

Beraca (booth 206) is an award-winning Brazilian company and leading provider of natural and organic certified active ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest and other Brazilian biomes. Beraca is your bridge to sustainable, traceable and functional oils, extracts, butters and clays from Brazil.

With a focus on hair care for the 2016 Teamworks show, Beraca is introducing the unique wave-inducing Rain Forest Pequi Oil. Tress studies show improved curl retention and anti-frizz effects. Also recommended for hair care is Beracare BBA with proven hair conditioning effects, and Rain Forest Pataua Oil for cuticle smoothing and special benefits for scalp health.

With offices and inventory in the US, Beraca makes it easy for customers to enjoy the benefits of the Brazilian biodiversity.

More info: Beraca, Tel: 651-256-4155; Email:; Website: