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LactoSpore Probiotic from Sabinsa


Learn about this topical beauty agent and more at booth 1246.

Sabinsa’s scientists will be available in booth no. 1246 to discuss, in detail, the science behind the company’s cutting edge ingredients, with particular emphasis on the popular probiotic LactoSpore.

Sabinsa’s shelf-stable microbial preparation from Lactobacillus sporogenes (Bacillus coagulans,  MTCC 5856) has self-affirmed GRAS status and is found in a vast number of functional foods and dietary supplements. While the benefits of probiotics when ingested are well-known, the hottest new application is as a topical.

Probiotics play an essential role in skin care, which has been clinically established through recent studies. LactoSpore has been incorporated successfully for supporting healthy skin topically in products such as soaps. While it imparts a positive effect on skin by modulating mechanisms related to the immune system, it also provides benefits for atopic conditions by restoring residential and beneficial skin microflora (Majeed M et al., 2015. EuroCosmetics 10-11).

More info: Kavita Subramanian, senior manager, international business, Sabinsa Corporation;  Tel: 732-777-1111; Email; Website