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Novel Peptide from Lipotec


Find out about Lipochroman at booth 311.

At Teamworks, Lipotec (booth 311) will present a new peptide developed to strengthen the skin and the new data on bio-inspired antioxidant Lipochroman molecule and anti-eyebags Eyeseryl peptide. By promoting microbiota balance and reinforcing the physical barrier function, Fensebiome peptide helps the skin regain its original strength similar to that of our ancestors, who lived in closer contact with nature. The efficacy of Eyeseryl peptide, well-known in reducing under-eye volume, has been also proved with remarkable results in men, more prone to have baggy eyes related to lipids. 

New assays on the Lipochroman molecule have demonstrated its triple protective effect by capturing RCS in addition to RNS and ROS as well as its antioxidative capacity and detox potential. Visit Stand 311 and discover more about Lipotec's innovations!

More info:  Lipotec USA, Inc., Tel: +1 972 221 7500; Website: