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Lonza Relaunches LaraCare A200


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Awareness of the effects of UV radiation on skin health drives increased usage of sun care formulas making sun protection important to consumer’s daily skin care rituals. Consumers though want more from less: multifunctional benefits, enhanced aesthetics, and a clean label. Lonza's LaraCare A200 biopolymer can offer these benefits.

Lonza (stand 238) recently relaunched LaraCare A200, a naturally occurring galactoarabinan for moisture retention and SPF boosting. LaraCare A200 biopolymer can be used to enhance UV protection delivered by a sunscreen without increasing the concentration of sunscreen. A study was conducted where in vitro SPF measurements were taken to demonstrate the benefits LaraCare A200 biopolymer can deliver to SPF protection formulas. Results showed that SPF was boosted up to 26% when the formula contained LaraCare A200. In addition, a Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) study was conducted to demonstrate the beneficial effect of LaraCare A200 on moisture retention. Results demonstrated that LaraCare A200 helps reduce TEWL with benefits lasting up to 8 hours after product application.

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