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Nature-Based Product Launches from Jarchem


Jarplex SPG and Vegecare debut.

Jarchem is expanding its already large portfolio of shea butter products by introducing new and innovative shea butter derivatives to the personal care market.

New Jarplex SPG is a new shea butter derivative that is 100% natural and functions as a conditioning additive for cleaning formulations. It provides the excellent moisturization properties of Jarchem's unique water dispersible shea technology with a creamy lather. This product also has additional benefits of added pearlescence, opacity, and increased viscosity. 

Jarplex SPG is best when used with with Sucranov SF, Jarchem’s ready-to-use blend of multiple mild surfactants. This primed surfactant system offers superior foam height and longer lasting foam. When used along with Jarplex SPG, the result is a high performing surfactant formulation with rich, creamy foam, excellent moisturization, and the added benefits of shea.

Also new is a natural alternative to animal-derived Lanolin. Jarchem’s new Plant-Based Vegecare Lanolin Alternatives is said to be the perfect green replacement to the animal derived product. Vegecare is offered in oil, semi-solid, and wax forms. It works just like animal derived lanolin and offers functions of excellent moisturization, stabilization, water absorption, viscosity building, shine and gloss. 

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