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Innovative Ingredients from The Innovation Company


Stop by stand F80 to try new textures, plastic glitter replacements and more!

What’s new in Amsterdam 2018? The Innovation Company (stand F80) presents: 
• Incredible new textures with ethyl esters based on Meadowfoam, Macadamia, Sunflower and Brassica Finlandia.  
• New buzz in skin protection with the very new "UVUV cream" concept for the highest SPF and UVA protection. Official EU test method ISO 24443. 
• The only solution to replace plastic glitters, the remarkable Creastar Kinkies series, of 300 microns (lower PSD available if needed) in 64 vibrant sparkling colors. 
• The highest Delta D result (In Vivo test method for wrinkle reduction) available today with our unbelievable Double Micelle Serum, with natural water, Eau de Finlande Printemps, to rescue your aging skin (it's birch sap water from the 2018 harvest). 

Simply and easily visit the stand F80 where you discover the permanent  innovations. Only from the Innovation Company. 

More info: Alain Santrond, The Innovation Company, Tel: +33 (0) 2 37 42 18 34; Email: