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A Revolution in Solar Simulator Technology


Visit Solar Light at stand no. 49 to see the 601 v4.0.

Since 1967, Solar Light Company, Inc. (stand no. 49) has been recognized worldwide as America’s premier manufacturer of both in vivo and in vitro instruments including Precision Solar Simulators, SPF Analyzers, Automated Dose Controllers, Radiometers, and NIST-Traceable Digital Sensors, according to the company.

Solar Light's latest innovative product, the Model 601 v4.0 Multiport SPF Testing 6 Output Solar Simulator, will be unveiled in public for the first time at the Sunscreen Symposium. This state of the art device represents the culmination of years of intensive R&D, and completely automates many critical steps in the testing process, including port intensity adjustment, port identification and real-time calibrated feedback. Its updated DCS-4 Automated Dose Controller allows for testing by either time or delivered dose methodology, and is preprogrammed with both ISO and FDA procedures, in addition to (up to) 10 custom programs. The DCS-4 can also store all study related data from each of the 601 v4.0’s 6 ports for record keeping purposes. Ultimately, the 601 v4.0 is a revolution in solar simulator technology which will exponentially increase lab efficiency and throughput!

Stop by the Solar Light stand (no. 49) for more details, meet the staff, and to see the new 601 v4.0 up close and personal!

More info: Solar Light Company, Inc., Tel: 215-517-8700; Email:; Website: