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Sustainable Delivery of Beneficial Components, Using Less Organic Actives


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CapSol sunscreen oleosomes make it easy to produce trend-forward SPF creams and lotions, according to Botaneco (stand 9). The 100% natural, complex organelles of safflower seeds, approximately 1 to 3 microns in size, contain oleosin proteins, a phospholipid membrane and triacylglycerol, components that nourish skin, and at the same time, significantly reduce the number of organic actives necessary to obtain stable, high SPF formulas.

CapSol sunscreen oleosomes offer a unique ability to efficiently hold, deliver, and release skin-nourishing ingredients and organic UV filters. When it is spread onto the skin’s surface, the oleosomes collapse, evenly distributing protein, oil and UV actives. Once applied, a uniform film is formed. A high degree of distribution efficiency in conjunction with excellent film formation affords a significant lower level of organic actives necessary to achieve high SPF, broad-spectrum formulas.

In formulations that may otherwise contain synthetic rheology modifiers or synthetic emulsifiers or emollients, CapSol sunscreen oleosomes may significantly improve and often replace synthetic ingredients. Just as importantly, adding CapSol sunscreen oleosomes to formulations boost moisturization, hydration, barrier protection and textural improvements, which synthetic ingredients are unable to provide, according to Botaneco.

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