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Create Natural Sunscreens with Superior Feel


Learn how, visit INOLEX at stand no. 11.

For cosmetic chemists looking to formulate natural sun screens with superior feel, INOLEX (stand 11) offers several performance enhancing options:


• LexFeel Natural (Heptyl undecylenate) is an ultra-low viscosity ester that is Ecocert-certified and 100% natural. LexFeel Natural is vegetable derived ester that absorbs quickly and is ideal for lightening up the skin feel of sunscreen formulations that may use viscous film-formers and waxes that contribute to the heavy feel of formulations.

• LexFeel N series (Diheptyl succinate (and) capryloyl glycerin/sebacic acid copolymer) is an array of natural silicone and dimethicone replacements with a viscosity (25°C) range from 9 cSt up to 350 cSt. LexFeel N5, the lowest viscosity version of LexFeel N series and is a natural cyclomethicone replacement. LexFeel N series is 100% natural and Ecocert-certified.

• SustOleo DCS (Dicapryl succinate) is a palm-free, natural option that can reduce tackiness of sun care formulations, providing a light feel and improving coverage for better protection.

Low viscosity fluids with a very dry skin feel can yield improved aesthetics perceivable to consumers, according to INOLEX. With enhanced spreadability over other esters and oils, LexFeel Natural, LexFeel N5 and SustOleo DCS offer 100% renewable sustainable fluids with exceptional skin feels for natural sun care formulations.

Advantages include improved spreadability, 100% vegetable derived, colorless/low odor, reduced greasy feel of formulation, non-GMO, “Green Movement”/sustainably-sourced.

More info: INOLEX, Tel: (215) 271-0800; Email:; Website: