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Florida SCC Sunscreen Symposium Starts Tomorrow!


Biannual event set for Sept. 14-16 at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL.

The biannual Sunscreen Symposium sponsored by the Florida Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists will be held at Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL, Sept. 14-16. The event is the biggest event in the world that's dedicated solely to sun care. An international roster of sun care experts will make presentations and a sold-out exhibition will include the leading suppliers to the multibillion dollar sun care industry.

The event includes a Sun Care Formulation Concepts Continuing Education Program from 9am to 1pm on September 14. Instructors are Julian Hewitt and Mark Chandler. The course agenda will include: consumer trends; how sunscreen actives work; approved sunscreen actives; maximizing inorganic sunscreen actives; maximizing organic sunscreen actives; innovative formulation platforms; steps for optimizing SPF, UVA and photostability; and exciting the consumer at the beach and every day.

Here's are the Symposium Speakers:
Friday, Sept. 15
• Dr. Nava Dayan, "Effect of the Entire Sun Spectrum on Skin Biology;"
• Dr. Jeanette Jacknin, MD, "Natural Sunscreens: Which Botanicals, Vitamins and Antioxidants Really Work?"
• Joshua D. Williams, PhD, "The Protective Benefit of High SPF Sunscreens Demonstrated Under Actual-Use"
• Dennis Lott, "SPFs Overstated Due to Erythemal Action Spectra"
• Arianna C. Cozzi and Samuel Gourion-Arsiquaud, "Investigate the Photo-induced Damages and the Protection Provided to Skin by Different UV Filters Using FTIR Spectroscopy Analysis"
• Daniel Knorr, "Biodegradability and Creating Ocean Safe Sunscreens"
• Dijana Hadziselimovic, "Cleaning Validation and Critical Cleaning of Topical Drugs"
• Sébastien Miksa, "Worst Practices in Sun Protection Testing Solved by a Sunscreen Testing Certification"
• Tia Alkazaz, "A Step Beyond the Norm: An Investigation in the Use of Enzymes to Modulate Repair and Augment Sunscreens for Added Protection"
• Roundtable discussion

Saturday, Sept. 15
• Dr. Robert Sayre, "Broad Protection in Sun Care: Do We Need to Go Beyond UV? A Focus on UV, HEV and Infrared Light and Screening for Actives"
• Bernd Herzog, "Scattering Particles Increase Efficacy of Sunscreens"
• Christopher Johnson, "Unique Challenges and Novel Alternatives for the Preservation of Sunscreen Formulations"
• Uli Osterwalder, "How to Restore Trust in SPF Determination"
• Peter Konish, "A Sheer, Inorganic, Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen with Antioxdiants Provides Protection against UV-Induced Cellular DNA Damage (CPD Dimers) and Enhances DNA Repair"
• Vincent Hubiche, "Wear and Tear of Daily Wear: Keeping that Sunscreen on the Skin"
• Hao Ouyang, PhD, "Modern Sunscreen Formulations Do Not Interfere with Sweating During Exercise"
• Julian Hewitt, "Zinc Oxide, New Opportunities with an Old Sunscreen"
• Hani Fares, "Film Properties of Polymers in Anhydrous Sunscreen Formulations"
• Roundtable discussion

Sunscreen Symposium Sponsors include:

AMA Laboratories

Next Step Labs (Vizor)
Jeen International
Consumer Product Testing

Gold & Silver Sponsors
Actives International
Florida Suncare Testing
Essential Ingredients
Brenntag Specialties
Grant Industries
A.I.G. Technologies
NYSCC Suppliers' Day